My current life on our Planet began about midway between the

beginning and end of World War II. Spurred by the War economy,

gramps, our matriarch, led us from our southern Truck Farming

property to New York City. Where the adults worked in factories.

The earliest conscious memories I have go back to age 2.


Looking back, I realize how growing up and later working in

New York City helped make my passion for online Home Business

what it is today.

For me, my online Home Business is like extending the ‘early days

neighborhoods,’ later work and World travel experiences, to World

Wide proportions.


The fun and joy of many friendships with others of various cultural/ethnic

backgrounds will always live within me. Sharing our mutual joy of each others

life event celebrations– the music, dance and food…

The avenues for mutual caring, friendship, respect and business cooperation

are abundant in my SFI Home Business. Affording me

the opportunity to make money, doing what I love.



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